IBT Projects


Bioartificial Renal Epithelial Cell System (BRECS)

Bioartificial Renal Epithelial Cell System (BRECS) Using adult renal progenitor cells, isolated from human transplant organ discards, IBT has developed a bioartificial kidney to be worn outside of the body. This device has the potential to be used in both acute and chronic therapeutic applications. IBT plans to advance the product from pre-clinical trials to human clinical trials within 3-5 years.

Bioartificial Pancreatic Islet Cell System (BPICS)

An innovative approach to the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes, the BPICS would use pancreatic islet cells to regulate blood sugar. Dr. Humes, Founder and President, says “[the BPICS] will control blood sugar via the natural biologic processes in which insulin production is regulated on a minute-to-minute basis in response to changes in blood glucose levels.”

Selective Cytopheretic Device (SCD)

The selective cytopheretic device (SCD) is a device used to treat acute inflammatory conditions in patients, which are life-threatening. The SCD sequesters and deactivates cells associated with inflammation, such as leukocytes and platelets, and reduces their inflammatory activity.

Enhanced Propagation (EP) of Cells

This cell isolation and expansion method allows for the propagation, or growth, of large volumes of cells for use in biotherapeutic devices. EP allows for expansion of cells from 1 gram of tissue such that over 2,000 biomedical devices can be generated, each containing 108 cells.